Specialty Practice Groups

The agency operates a number of specialty practice groups allowing us to share specialized knowledge and expertise efficiently, lessening the need for staff and private attorneys to “reinvent the wheel” in these complex practice areas.

Each practice group is led by a coordinator or coordinators who stays abreast of the latest developments in the practice area and shares this expertise as an advisor, mentor, and educator.  Coordinators serve as a clearinghouse of sorts as they assist others in quickly changing areas of legal practice. Staff contact them as needed when they are preparing a client’s case or have a question in a new or undeveloped area of the law.  The coordinators also assist private bar (PB) attorneys with their questions related to the respective practice area.

Each coordinator pulls together practice materials, including motions, briefs, transcripts, case outlines, and research/articles/studies to share with practitioners. Coordinators keep track of the legal nuances and mundane details in their practice areas and catalog them for easy dissemination to attorneys when requested. They assist with the agency’s training efforts, including presenting at the annual conference. Some coordinators conduct or assist with expert examinations at motion hearings and trials.

For further information, please contact:

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Jennifer Bias
Trial Division Director
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Specialty Practice Group Links

Group Coordinators

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) Diane Rondini (for PB contacts)
Immigration Practice Melissa Nepomiachi, Alli Pederson, Katena Roberts-Turner
Juvenile Practice Eileen Fredericks, Diane Rondini (for PB contacts)
Chapter 980 Robert Peterson
Forensic Sciences Vincent Rust, Evan Weitz, Kathy Pakes(AHT)
Racial Disparities Margaret Johnson